Tuition & Fees

We understand that enrolling a child in Little Hands Learning Center Academy is an investment. The return is a premier educational experience that includes a well-balanced curriculum that incorporates an extensive critical thinking program which provides the following benefits for children:


  • Higher creativity levels, improves children’s ability to solve complex problems and children usually score higher on standardized tests


  • Improves a child's critical thinking skills which increases their overall intelligence level throughout life


  • Provides additional exposure to maximize their cognitive development


  • Benefits academic progress when transitioning into Kindergarten and narrows achievement gaps (through mastering basic skill development)


  • Develops a child's sense of achievement and provides a competitive advantage


LHLCA has a proven track record and our students truly stand out upon graduation because of the LHLCA program which stimulates both left and right brain development and provides enhanced exposure (fine arts / dance/ music/ technology/ global enrichment/ foreign language / and special events which is all built into the standard curriculum which make the LHLCA program a proven value.

Registration/Enrollment Fees Due at Time Of Registration:


  • New Family (One-time) Registration/Application fee: $120

  • Annual Curriculum & Activity Fee: $460 (For School Year)  Or $555 (For Year Round including Summer)

    • (Includes costs for Field Trips / Bus Transportation/Indoor Special Events/Fine Arts Program (Music/Dance) / HTHT Science & Foreign Language Program) / Subscriptions to ABC Mouse & additional Learning Apps / PPE Equipment & other miscellaneous items. 

  • Action for Children/CCI (Subsidized programs are currently not accepted at this time.)

Please contact us directly for more information:

Little Hands Learning Center Academy Tuition Rates 

Monthly Tuition:  (A Free Bi-Weekly Payment Option Is Also Available)

Full Time (Monday – Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm)

Part -Time (Monday – Friday  7:00am to 12:30pm or  3 full days 7:00am-6:00pm)

  • A Bi-Weekly Payment Option Is Available


  • Discount for Siblings is Available (10% Off Oldest Sibling)

  • A $35/month potty-training fee is charged to students Ages 2 years & older if they are not potty-trained.


Enrollment is contingent upon availability in the classroom. In the event a classroom (age-group is filled) then the parent will go on the waiting list and then contacted once a seat is available. 

Action for Children/CCI (Subsidized programs are currently not accepted at this time.)