New Hire Paperwork


  • Employee Must Complete & Submit ALL New Hire Paperwork within 7 days of your Hire Date Except  for the last Item #20 & #21 below. *The IDHS Required Training Modules 1-4 must be completed within 30 days of your Hire Date 

  • Submit a copy of ALL NEW HIRE Documents (Items #1-#16) together to Michelle Brent AND Catherine Griffin at each campus.

  • Important: Keep & Save a COPY of ALL Documents in the event you need to provide again in future.

  • Reminder: Be sure to also Complete all  the LHLC Training Modules under Employee Training Documents BUTTON On the Employee Portal homepage within 7 days of your hire date.


Please know that we are excited to have you as a new addition to the LHLC Family and Team!!! We look forward to working with you this school year. Welcome!

  1.  DCFS 508-1 Form - Click Here for online link or Download Here  Due within 3 days of your hire date.

  2.  Copy of Your College Transcripts (If applicable)  Due within 3 days of your hire date.

  3.  High School Diploma  Due within 3 days of your hire date.

  4. Three 3 Written references  Due within 7 days of your hire date.(Example: From a Previous Manager,Co-worker, Friend, Neighbor, etc.  *Not from a Relative)

    • Reference can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a page

    • Must discuss in what capacity they know you and if they feel you would work well with children

    • Letter must be in English and the person must print & sign their name & provide a contact phone number. 

    • SAMPLE Reference Letter - Click Here 

  5.  BACKGROUND CHECK CLEARANCEDue within 7 days of your hire date.  Please select a location (see below) and bring the 2 forms below along with a government issued ID to complete the Background Check.

    • (FORM 1) - CFS 718-B Form (Authorization For Background Check​) - Download and bring with you (FORM 1)

    • (FORM 2)  Click on the following Link to generate a Fingerprint Search Form - (Click on the link and complete the information in the fields.  Then it will generate a form that says you are not in the system and you will need to take that form to the fingerprint location.) 

    • To find a a Fingerprint Location: Click on  and put in your zipcode to see which Fingerprint locations are near you and open tomorrow. Note: The zipcode to the school is 60643 if you prefer to find a location near the preschool.

    • TO RECAP:

      • You will need to bring the following items to the Fingerprint location tomorrow 

        • 1. CFS 718 form - Authorization For Backgroud Check

        • 2. Government Issued ID

        • 3. Fingerprint Search Form (This is the paper that will print up after you click on the link in blue.

  6.  Physical/Staff Immunization - CLICK HERE (Print Form and confirm they stamp doctor's information OR include all the clinics info at bottom - DCFS can Verify so information must be included. )

    • Physical FORM - (Required)  CLICK HERE   Physical is due w/in 7 days of your hire date

      • TB Test - (Required - Results Must be Included on the Physical Form)  - Takes 2 days for them to provide results

      • MMR Shot (Required - Must be Included on the Physical Form)

      • DTAP/TDAP (Required - Must be Included on the Physical Form)

    • Important REMINDER: Have the doctor's office include the TB Results / MMR & DTAP on the Physical Form

      • Options/Suggestions for Clinics:

        • Evergreen Care Center (Address: 9760 S Kedzie Ave, Evergreen Park, IL 60805 (708) 423-6209 which is open 7 days a week)

        • CVS or Walgreen Minute Clinics​

        • Your Doctor (make appointment) - Reminder: Physical is needed on your first day or within 7 days of hire.

  7. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) - Form for Download or Online Link   (Complete Section 1) Due within 3 days of your hire date.

    1. Include a Copy of your Drivers Licence or State ID - Front and Back​

    2. Include a Copy of your Social Security Card - Front and Back​  

  8.  W-4 Form (IRS - Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate) - Form for Download OR Online Link Due within 3 days of your hire date.
  9. New Hire Salary Wage Sheet - Form Due within 3 days of your hire date.
  10.  ADP Direct Deposit Form (Optional) - Form  Due within 3 days of your hire date.

  11.  ​Employer Contact / Emergency Contact Information - Form   Due within 3 days of your hire date.

  12.  Adult/Child/Infant CPR + First Aid & Card Certification  - Due within 10 days of your hire date. 

  • The two best known and most widely recognized organizations for CPR/1st aide are the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. In class certification is strongly recommended and is AHA and Red Cross are universally accepted. 

  • CPR/1st Aide classes are available online but not always accepted by DCFS Reps. In the event you take an online Class, but the certification is not accepted by DCFS rep upon review of your file, then you will have to take an in person class with American Heart Association or Red Cross.

    • Some staff find free classes available in their community or by researching IDHS trainings in the Chicagoland area

    • You can take a Private pay class   

    • Online Class : One online option  (cost is between $14-$20 depending on promotions offered) *See notes above. We strongly recommend an in person AHA or Red Cross Class which is universally accepted. 

    •  Food Handler Certification  Due within 7 days of your hire date.

      • - Link for Food. Please use this link to do the Food Handler Certification

      • Exempt Staff:

        • LHLC Staff that already have a FOOD and Sanitation License (which is the more extensive certificate) are excluded from this requirement.

        • Staff that already have their Food Handlers Card that has not currently expired. Note: When expires must renew to be in compliance.


13.    SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome Certificate  Due within 7 days of your hire date.                      
 – Link for SIDS & Shaken Baby

        NOTE: PRINT/Submit BOTH certificates (1 for SIDS and 1 for Shaken Baby​ Syndrome

14.   Current Gateways Registry Membership  Due within 7 days of your hire date.

        If you do not have one, please visit - Link for the gateways membership card. 

         To print your GATEWAYS Card goto MY REGISTRY>PLAN>REPORTS, choosing the Reports Tab​ (next to the MY               PDR Tab) - CLICK GET CARD​​​

15.     DCFS & IDHS Mandated Reporter Certificate - Click Here to obtain ---> (FREE) Due within 3 days            of your hire date.

16.     Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement Form (See attached packet and print/SIGN PAGE 43. Click Here Due within 3 days              of your hire date.

17.      Complete Guidance and Discipline & DCFS Licensing Standards Signature Page  - Click Here for Form Due within 3 days of              your hire date.   

18.      Complete DCFS 407 Standards and Orientation Checklist - Click Here for Form Due within 3 days of your hire date.

            Due 30 Days after HIRE DATE --> Complete REQUIRED IDHS Training ---> Complete All 4 Modules (#1,#2,#3 &              #4) within 30 Days of your HIRE DATECLICK HERE & READ- Follow Steps and Complete

           NOTE: Properly Report CPR/1st Aide Training  (TIP: See Video link-Click Here OR Read HERE)

           Properly Report Mandated Reported Training  (CLICK HERE for Quick Video OR READ HERE


          If you require technical assistance with IDHS trainings , please contact INCCRRA at                us or 866-697-8278 OR (309) 557-1818 

            To print your reports and GATEWAYS card goto MY REGISTRY>PLAN>REPORTS, choosing the Reports Tab​                      (next to the MY PDR Tab) 


*Due the following year after your Hire Date ---> Ongoing Professional Development Hours are due the following Calendar year.  (15 hours per calendar year)

  1. Fifteen (15) Clock Hours of Training per staff member per year (can accrue throughout course of year)

  2. The above IDHS Training will count towards your first year of employment. The following calendar year 15 hours are required. You can take FREE classes on Gateways which is preferred because the system can then track and log your hours and you know they are approved.  ​At times, LHLC also provides 1 hour per month classes Through Nurse Concepts (if available). Take Quiz at end of newsletter/training document and submit to front desk by the 20th of each month in order to receive the certificate the following month. LHLC will pay for the Nurse Concept Certificate on your behalf (if they are still available.)
  3. Certain Eligible Additional Classes for ongoing professional development are also accepted. Employees may take classes on their own and submit their certificate or hours of completion when they complete. Need 15 clocked hours per calendar year.

To read licensing standards Click Here 

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Brent (Executive Director & HR Director for Employee files & Payroll).