Guides & Handbook

Information for parents/guardians available in the Parent Handbook including welcome materials, our programs, LHLCA mission and policies, sick policies, transition guides and other relevant information. 



  • DCFS Recommended Immunizations for children from birth through six years old can be found in the Enrollment Forms Section.  Contact your child's pediatrician or family doctor for more information.




Open Door Policy


  • LHLCA has an open door policy for parents. Parents may stop by the school anytime unannounced to view their child through one of the observation windows to the classroom. If your child's class does not have an observation window parents are welcome to view the school camera viewing screen in the front lobby. We ask parents not to enter the classroom to prevent the child from having to re-transition into the classroom after seeing a parent. After a child fully transitions into a program, parents are also welcomed to volunteer in the classroom. Volunteers must complete and pass a DCFS/State of Illinois background check.


  • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all field trips and school special events and celebrations.


Can I bring my child if he/she is not feeling well?


  • Please refer to the Keep Me Home If I am Sick Policy attached and read the Parent Handbook to learn more about our illness policy. (.DOC) (.PDF)


What happens when my child gets sick while at the center?


You will be notified and expected to pick up your child immediately (within a 1-3 hour window). Login to the Parent Section to read more in the Parent Handbook.


May I bring birthday treats for my child?


  • Parents are welcomed to bring store bought treats that are healthy and/or pizza to be served during afternoon snack time. Birthday parties are done in the afternoon (between 3:00 and 3:30pm) after naptime. Please check first with your child's teacher to setup a time on the day you are interested in attending. In the event your family does not celebrate birthdays for religious beliefs, the staff will remove your child from the birthday celebration and place them in another age appropriate classroom to participate in alternative fun projects while the birthday party is taking place. (Policies may change during COVID/or other pandemics.)


  • Please be reminded that LHLCA is a nut free zone! Please make sure any homemade or store bought items are NUT FREE! Thank you in advance. 


  • Birthday or special occasion treats do not have to be a food item. (I.e Treat bags with playdough, bubbles etc.)