Why Give?

What's the LHLCA Experience Really Like?


Donations to the LHLCA are part of what makes the center one of the best in Chicago.


When you make a philanthropic gift to LHLCA, you invest in the fiscal stability and longevity of the center, helping to ensure quality child care can continue for the Little Hands Learning Center Academy community for years to come.


Providing quality, affordable child care on each of the LHLCA campuses in Morgan Park-Beverly area help parents feel a sense of security knowing that our administration and staff utilize their experience, resources, and love in order to sustain a nurturing enviornment. 


What are gifts used for?


While the day-to-day operation of the center is supported by tuition, monies raised through donations allow LHLCA to provide exceptional programmatic support enriching the child care experience.


Field trips, technology upgrades, continuing education for teachers and enhanced learning environments are just some ways in which your gift has an impact. 

Here's a sampling of some of our current needs both big and small:


  • Books for all ages – board books, story books, picture books, factual books, etc.


  • New furniture for our literacy centers – soft chairs, quiet reading areas, rugs, pillows, bookshelves, etc.


  • Storytelling materials  - puppets, recorded stories, flannel boards, etc.


  • Materials to extend the literacy experience into other learning centers – clipboards, white boards, posters, road maps, newspapers, chalk boards, etc.


  • Story-telling through special guests – bring special visitors to the centers to read to children.


  • Field trips to libraries and literacy based theatre performances.


Overall, you can be confident your donation will directly benefit the quality of care children receive at LHLCA.