Our Community

Strong communities are an integral part of raising happy, healthy kids. Communities that encourage involvement from different professions offer learning opportunities for all children. We believe children deserve places to play, people to talk to, and all the educational resources they need to make their dreams come true.


We may not be able to do this all ourselves, but we’re fortunate to be part of the LHLCA's diverse and vibrant community which gives our children access to a myriad of hands-on learning environments, cultural activities and the opportunities to connect with the best and brightest scholars. We often provide refresher trainings and professional development so that LHLCA can provide the best possible education for our children.


LHLCA works hard to improve the lives of children in communities where we live and work. With the expertise that comes with caring for and educating children for the past 15 years, LHLCA has a unique understanding of child development, early childhood education, parenting and teaching. We understand the needs of children, families and communities.