Center Communications

We encourage daily communications between parents and teachers. We believe that a parent is the child’s first teacher and we want to be partners together so we can help each child get off to a great start in life. Please make every effort to stay informed.


The following are some of LHLCA's communication tools:


  • Daily reports from the classroom

  • Classroom bulletin boards which lists upcoming events, weekly curriculum topics and Parent reminders

  • Open-door policy - families are welcome to visit at any time in the day to observe their child in the classroom via the observation window. Parents that would like to volunteer and participate in the classroom must be complete a background check through DCFS/State of Illinois

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences (Teachers are available Monday - Friday between 12:30 - 2:30pm to schedule an in-person or over the phone conference). Teachers can also meet with parents the last 10 minutes of their day for a brief meeting with advance notice.

  • Parent Climate Survey

  • Phone calls

  • Assessments

  • Face-to-face conversations

  • Newsletter